An innovative network of electricity facilities at truck parks


NomadPower:  Market leader in offering electrical charging facilities for refrigerated trucks

NomadPower offers an electrical charging network for transport refrigerators and freezers along the main European transport routes. By plugging into one of the 300 NomadPower power points and activating them with their smartphone, drivers can cool using electricity during their rests instead of the polluting diesel  that. Sustainable, quiet and cheap!

Our fast expanding network of power points is now available at more than 40 truck parks in 7 European countries. Nomad Power can provide power supply in your car park. Owners and managers of distribution centers and parking facilities  Know that it until now it was impossible transportation companies to pay on the basis of actual energy consumption. By combining smart phone technology with smart metering NomadPower now offers the solution.

NomadPower oversees the whole process from the installation through to the management of the facilities. NomadPower measures the actual energy consumption of each truck and takes care of the billing for the energy consumed by your customers.

By accessing you account via your own web portal, you always keep a finger on the pulse in terms of the exact energy consumption in your own parking facilities. The NomadPower platform offers the ultimate solution for introducing and managing electric charging infrastructure at parking and car parks. Payment and billing through automated systems. Additional services and functionalities, such as a self-service management environment and insight into historical data. Our customer-friendly interfaces via interactive website, app and VRS phone provide high level customer support for service managers.

NomadPower will be happy to advise you. We can take full care of cooling refrigerators units at your truck park. We can bring you a step closer to contributing  to a better living environment for your customers and the immediate environment.

Ready to become a NomadPOwer convert? Contact us at or call us at +31 85 2012781

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