Decarbonising cold chain logistics, one lithium-ion battery at a time!



Addvolt is a sustainable company that provides battery systems chargeable with NomadPower sockers. Together, Addvolt and NomadPower offer a 100% emission-free journey for every refrigeration unit on any van, truck, trailer, and container. Addvolt's patented solution uses lithium-ion batteries which can be charged during breaks and overnight stays at any NomadPower charging location across Europe. The system also offers energy recovered by Addvolt’s regenerative braking system for longer journeys.

With Addvolt technology and NomadPower charging infrastructure, refrigeration trucks can perform their cold operation in electric mode, reducing diesel dependence, noise disturbance, and CO2 emissions. These systems not only create a high and positive impact on the drivers' quality of life, but also contribute to having eco-friendly practices.

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