How does NomadPower work?

  1. Registration: before you can use NomadPower, you first register once as a customer. After this, you can easily activate and stop the supply of power to every location where NomadPower is available.

  2. Connection: you simply connect your refrigerator units to NomadPower via your own 5-pin plug.

  3. Starting supply of power: you can start the supply of power in three ways:

    • Call the phone number as indicated on the connection point and follow the instructions or
    • Log in to My NomadPower and activate the connection or
    • Use the NomadPower app (Apple and Android).
  4. Information during supply of power: via the NomadPower app or via your personal administration environment on My NomadPower, you have continuous insight into your present consumption, costs, CO2 reduction, and the status of your connection (on or off).

  5. Stopping supply of power: you stop the supply of power by removing the 5-pin plug from its socket.

  6. Payment: you receive a personalised invoice.

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