Where can you find NomadPower?

We are installing NomadPower along all the major motorways in Europe. From east to west and from north to south. Our ambition is to install a NomadPower network covering all Europe’s motorways.

We also offer NomadPower at other places where refrigerated transport takes place. These include distribution centres, cold stores and all other locations where drivers with reefers wait or rest for longer periods.


The Netherlands

Partner Logistics (Restricted parking)
Rotterdam Albrandswaard, Routiers Distripark Eemhaven
Roosendaal, Secured Truckparking Borchwerf
Zevenbergschen Hoek, Wegrestaurant De Gouden Leeuw
Rogat, Wegrestaurant De Raket
Emmen, Truck Centrum Emmen


Partner Logistics (Restricted parking)
Meer, IDS Truckstop Joost
Heusden-Zolder, Truckstop 26bis


Bologna, Interporto Bologna, A13 (Restricted parking)
Vipiteno, Autoparco Sadobre, A22
Trento, Interporto Trento, A22
Colleferro, Truckvillage Colleferro, A1


Rheinböllen, Aral Autohof Elbert
Geiselwind, Autohof Strohofer
Lauenau, Maxi Autohof
Bad Rappenau, 24 Autohof
Neuberg, 24 Autohof
Mühldorf, 24 Autohof
Homberg, 24 Autohof
Neuhaus, Autohof Bergler
Regensburg-Ost, Euro Rastpark
Lippetal, Euro Rastpark
Guxhagen, Euro Rastpark
Schweitenkirchen, Euro Rastpark
Crailsheim-Satteldorf, Euro Rastpark
Werneck, Euro Rastpark
Waldlaubersheim, Euro Rastpark
Jettingen-Scheppach, Euro Rastpark
Theeßen, Euro Rastpark


Cherwell Valley, Moto, M40
Toddington Northbound, Moto, M1
Toddington Southbound, Moto, M1
Lymm Lorry Park, Moto, M6
Thurrock, Moto, M25
Donington, Moto, M1
Doncaster North, Moto, M18


La Jonquera, Red Tortuga, AP7 Exit 2
El Burgo Ranero (Leon), Castillo El Burgo, A231 Exit 34
Girona, Parking Padrosa, AP7 Exit 3

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