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We are proud to be operating in 9 different countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Austria) so far. Italy is one of our priorities since it constitutes a crucial part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Its geographic location is one of its biggest advantages, as four out of nine TEN-T corridors pass through Italy, making the country a significant freight hub. We as NomadPower recognize this importance and want to boost up Italy’s potential even further. In order to do so, our Italian representative works hard to spread the NomadPower mission through the whole country. 

Meet our local business developer: Giulia Chiossone

Giulia has been working with us for 7 years as a senior business developer for the Italian market. An Italian herself, she is responsible for all our Italian charging locations. She is also the one visiting new truck park locations, discussing the opportunities to build charging infrastructure, assisting with the building designs and negotiating the operating contracts. 

As an experienced business developer Giulia finds the best locations in Italy for NomadPower to grow our charging network. So far, we are operating charging infrastructure at Truckvillage Colleferro, Interporto Bologna and Statione GNL - Nola, while in partnership with A22 Autostrada del Brennero our chargers are installed at the large truckparks of Rovereto Sud, Interporto Trento, Autoparco Sadobre along the A22 motorway. With various additional projects in the pipeline, Giulia will be busy expanding out footprint in an important market for NomadPower.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss business opportunities, you can contact Giulia at



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