Hanos and City Distribution

More and more municipalities and city distributors consciously opt for the use of the NomadPower power points. Like Hanos, a Dutch wholesale distribution company. Patrick Vossen, branch manager in Valkenburg, tells us: "We prefer sustainable electricity over a noisy gen set. That is better for the environment, calmer for the local residents and more economical for us. Not two, but three birds with one stone."

Working together with the municipality

Patrick Vossen: "The municipality of Valkenburg worked hard on the reconstruction of our city centre. In addition to design, they also actively thought about inner-city distribution. How can the municipality take care of this as future-proof as possible? As a large supplier, we joined the discussion and heard about the NomadPower hook ups. That sounded like music to us; less noise, less emissions and cheaper in use.”

Advantage for local residents

“In city centres you have to look after the interests of residents as well as shoppers and catering. For them it is very disturbing to have the cool unit roaring for a long time. Unfortunately, we can’t simply switch it off during loading and unloading - after all, we are dealing with fresh products and hygiene regulations. Since we are a large supplier to the city centre, our trucks spend a lot of time here. This quiet solution came at the right time.

Three birds with one stone

Many municipalities are trying to reduce pollution and noise in the city centres. I see electric charging points in the centre or on hubs as a big part of the solution to this problem. Thanks to these hook ups, we can reduce our emissions to zero. In addition, we do not cause any noise nuisance to local residents and we work more economically: three birds with one stone. Hanos would therefore like to see these charging stations in other municipalities as well. "

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