One Thousand and One Quiet Nights for HSF Logistics

as NomadPower clocks up 1,000 charging sessions at Moto Thurrock services, since it’s launch in 2017.

A huge thank you to HSF Logistics for taking the lion’s share of the charging sessions at Thurrock and offering their drivers 1,000 quiet night’s of sleep while saving more than 30,000 litres of diesel. 

General manager at HSF Logistics Nijmegen, Marcel van Hengel tells us “Moto Thurrock is an important stop for HSF in the UK. We tend to have several drivers parked there for the night. In May last year, NomadPower approached us to start using their electricity hook ups as an alternative to having to run the on-board diesel generators. Initially, we were a bit hesitant, so we started off with a trial but this quickly grew. Now all our drivers are using the facilities at Moto Thurrock and other 6 Moto truck parks. Using electricity is clean, quiet and cheap. What’s not to like?”

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