NomadPower Moving Ahead

Since 2013, with the support of the European Union, Involtum has been rolling out the NomadPower electricity connection points for trucks across Europe. This year, there will be numerous further extensions to the NomadPower network, and it looks like this development will continue. Hans Bevers, co-founder of Involtum, talks about the emergence of NomadPower and the growth developments surrounding this international truck power network.

Today, around two hundred thousand refrigerated trucks travel through Europe. Some of them drive shorter trips to and from distribution centres, others drive throughout Europe with medicines, flowers and meat. To be able to keep all those goods at the right temperature, the trucks are equipped with a cool unit. These cool units have traditionally been powered by on-board diesel generators, causing a lot of noise and harmful emissions. But this used to be the best - and only - solution; after all, there was no electric power available to connect the cool unit.

 Diesel aggregate most polluting unit

All truck engines must comply with European emission standards, but because the cool unit is a separate, so called auxiliary engine, it is not part of the truck itself and hence does not fall under these regulations. In fact, the diesel generator – as the most polluting unit on the refrigerated truck – is even allowed to run on subsidised red diesel.

The birth of NomadPower

A few years ago, we started looking for an alternative. By installing electric hook-up points where those refrigerated trucks park, you can - just like at home - simply connect your fridge unit to a power point and run on clean and quiet electric power. With support from the European Union, NomadPower now offers power supplies for refrigerated trucks along the most important transport corridors in seven European countries. By plugging in at one of the NomadPower power points and activating it with your smartphone, you can cool your cargo with electricity during rest and waiting hours. Sustainable, quiet and cheaper than diesel.

Some numbers

Research by independent research agency CE-Delft has shown that the average diesel aggregate emits more than five grams of particulate matter per hour. That is the same amount as a truck with a Euro 6 engine is allowed to emit in 450 kilometres. Therefore, every hour a diesel unit is running somewhere, this is equivalent to driving 450 kilometres in terms of emissions.

The benefits of electric cooling at a glance:Cheap and easy to use

  • 100% green electricity
  • Silent for the driver and his environment, no more noise from a diesel generator
  • No harmful emission of particulate matter, soot or any other harmful substances
  • Easy to use with monthly invoicing at the end of the month

Expanding network

We are currently experiencing that an increasing number of truck park operators, municipalities, transporters and drivers are themselves looking for an alternative to the polluting - and noisy - diesel aggregates. The discussion around harmful emissions is enormous and solutions are needed as soon as possible. With NomadPower we initially focused mainly on large truck parks where cool trailers are parked overnight, but we now see more and more possibilities, such as for example large distribution centres on the outskirts of municipalities where trucks are often waiting to unload. NomadPower is also an excellent solution for city distribution. There is an urgent need to minimise emission levels on busy market squares, shopping streets and other inner-city areas. A good example of this is our installation for Hanos in Valkenburg.

More info?

There is still plenty of work ahead of us, but we are convinced that a change is taking place and that electric cooling is becoming the new standard for refrigerated transport. Please contact us today for more information.

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