NomadPower welcomes HSF Logistics at Thurrock

HSF Logistics starts pilot with NomadPower at Thurrock. 4 refrigerated trucks of HSF Logistics connected to a NomadPower electricity connection point last weekend. This pilot is part of an initiative to reduce noise levels and improve air quality at Moto truck service areas.

Festival season

With the festival season in full swing, these are busy times for Rockstar Logistics from Ireland. "We are operating in the whole of Europe, going from festival to festival with our nightliner buses", according to Gareth Rees, one of their drivers. "Access to electricity is not really a problem while at festivals, but as soon as we hit the road it is hard to find any suitable place to park as well as having access to high voltage power. The NomadPower network provides us those places plus it saves us money. I like it a lot"

Rockstar Logistics has been a NomadPower client right from the start. Wondering how we can provide you with easy access to electricity on the go?
Call us on +44 203 868 9493

A busy weekend for NomadPower means a quiet one for truck drivers. This weekend NomadPower delivered a record 1,000 kWh of silent electricity at Moto Thurrock UK, while at Truckstop 26Bis in Belgium all 8 connection points were in constant use and many drivers connected to our facilities at Trento (Italy) and our other locations.

Every weekend more drivers discover the benefits of NomadPower while on their the 45 hours weekly rest period. NomadPower offers substantial cost benefits when using cheap electricity at longer breaks, a proper rest away from the noisy diesel generator and no worries of running out of diesel while in the middle of your rest period.

Not yet using NomadPower? Contact us today for a quiet weekend off !

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