Schwechat Vienna truck parking

Bright lighting, modern sanitary facilities and NomadPower facilities for cooling trucks.

Generous and clearly marked parking area with monitoring which is carried out by ASFINAG monitoring center. In the recreation areas of the parking there are vending machines, information boards and at selected locations defibrillators - because the safety of our customers is a "matter of the heart". 


Wien Energie is responsible for ensuring the reliable supply of electricity, natural gas and heating to around two million people, 230,000 businesses and industrial facilities, as well as 4,500 farms in the Greater Vienna metropolitan area. Activities also performed by the company include waste recycling, providing energy-related advice and services, facility management, telecommunications. Moreover, Wien Energie is active in a number of projects at a European level.


NomadPower provides your company a sustainable, cheap, quiet and clean solution to stop using diesel generators to power on-board cool units.

Drivers of refrigerated trucks can plug in rather than using the polluting diesel generator.

The driver has a better rest on a short stop or overnight stay. Regular charging with NomadPower reduces costs compared to using diesel.





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