Roll Out of NomadPower at VTS Boxmeer

All 140 VTS Transport and Logistics drivers have now been equipped with cables to connect and use the NomadPower electricity points at 45 truck parks throughout Europe.

Charles Hermens and Sander van Rhee at VTS planning explain: “A couple of drivers already started using NomadPower back in 2016, however not all trucks used to have a cable onboard. We kept receiving really positive feedback about cooling with electricity. Most importantly, the reduced noise levels mean better sleep and safety for our drivers but interestingly, it also made them feel they were more welcome at the truck parking.

We decided to hand out cables to all our drivers since we wanted them to use electricity where possible. There is still a way to go before we can do without the diesel generator but this is a simple, first step to a more sustainable way of cooling our pharma transport”.

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