Pay by Invoice

One time registration and only pay for what you use at € 0.32 per kWh

No monthly costs and maximum flexibility

Activation via app, website or telephone

Payment by invoice at the end of the month

£ 0.28 per kWh in the UK

All prices ex VAT


Pay by Credit Card

No registration

€ 0.32 per kWh plus € 2.50 start up fee per transaction

MasterCard and Visa accepted

Activation only possible via telephone

£ 0.28 per kWh + £ 2.50 per transaction in the UK

All prices ex VAT





Payment Method

Pay by invoice at the end of the month for all charging sessions using the payment method chosen at registration:

  • Direct Debit: Automatic payment at the end of the month - confirmation of payment and invoice send by e-mail.

  • Payment by email invoice at month end: Pay by iDeal, Sofort, Mr Cash or credit card (MasterCard or Visa).


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