The new alternative to diesel-powered systems



Sunswap started as a direct response to the lack of genuinely viable alternatives to diesel TRUs available in the industry. Their mission is to provide state-of-the-art, zero-emission technology that works within existing fleets and meets the exact needs of our customers without significant change to their operations. They have spent the last two years talking to customers alongside their product development to ensure they meet the needs and wants of the industry.
The Endurance™ is their proprietary battery and solar-powered refrigeration technology for semi-trailers. A result of cutting-edge technology being shaped by customer and end-user feedback. They have removed barriers to adoption by building a product that looks and runs like a diesel unit, just without the emissions or the noise.

The system has completed months of successful testing, and through their deployment with DFDS, they have now proven the technology is able to effortlessly integrate and deliver real-world goods within any operator’s fleet. NomadPower supports these environmentally responsible initiatives and offers an electric charging network throughout Europe to contribute to this cause. 

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