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How does it work?

Step 1: Register

Register for free with NomadPower. Download the app or login on website and you are all set.

Step 2: Start

Activate your NomadPower power point via App, website or telephone. Plug in the cable, enter the 5-digit number and the power supply will start.

Step 3: Stop

Remove the plug from the power point to stop the power supply. You receive a monthly invoice.


100% Green Power

Cheaper than Diesel

A quiet night's sleep for drivers

 No emissions

Quick and Simple

Download the Android or iPhone app.

Log in: the app will automatically find your location. Select and activate the NomadPower point. View your current usage in the app.

Start or stop power at the push of a button


Download the app below:

Always nearby

 Plug into our fast growing power network of 40 locations in 7 European countries at truck parks along the major transport corridors.



About NomadPower

NomadPower provides your company a sustainable, cheap, quiet and clean solution to stop using diesel generators to power on-board cool units.

Drivers of refrigerated trucks can plug in rather than using the polluting diesel generator.

The driver has a better rest on a short stop or overnight stay. Regular charging with NomadPower reduces costs compared to using diesel.

À propos de nous

NomadPower at your truck park?

NomadPower assists governments, highway and truck park operators to operate and manage electrical charging facilities. Are you interested in offering NomadPower?

NomadPower at your truck park?
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